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English, British, European And American


Everything is global now. There is a good reason that we joined the European Union (Common Market). There is also a good reason that we are still there 40 years later. The people who should really know what is going on, want us to remain. All of the living Prime Ministers – Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and John Major. America’s President Barack Obama, our biggest ally wants us to stay in. Why would you even think about the risk of leaving?

The real irony is that the referendum is really about a power struggle that has been going on inside the Conservative party for a long time. It was a Conservative Prime Minister that took us into the Common Market in 1973, Edward Heath. It was another Conservative Prime Minister that took us further into the European Union, Margaret Thatcher. The third Conservative Prime Minister, John Major, signed the Maastrict Treaty, binding us to the European Union.

The leave campaign should be ashamed of themselves. When they started losing the argument, their main focus became immigration. It has echoes of Enoch Powell.

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Scottish Referendum

September 18, 2014 Leave a comment

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